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 Welcome to the Bartonville Police Department

The Bartonville Police Department is dedicated to building a safer community to 
 live in, through the delivery of exemplary service with a focus on problem solving. 
 We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhoods by building
 relationships with the community we serve.

Local Crime Information

Did you know you can click the link below and check the crime stats in your area of town?  Be sure to check it out and take a look around in the program.

Train Safety

  1. Do not walk or drive any vehicle on or near rails or climb on railroad cars. Walking on the rails may seem like fun, but you're taking the chance of being hit by the train.
  2. When crossing the railroad tracks on foot, always cross at the highway-rail grade crossing and obey all signs and signals. Stay off railroad bridges and trestles, and out of tunnels. They are not wide enough for both you and a train to be there at the same time. And it is you who will get trapped.
  3. Never drive or walk around gates or flashing red lights. If the gates are down, stop and stay in place. Do not cross the tracks until the gates are raised and the lights have stopped flashing. Some highway rail crossings have multiple tracks. Make sure there isn't a second train hidden behind the first train.
  4. Expect a train on any track at any time. Most trains do not travel on a regular schedule. Be cautious at a highway-rail grade crossing at any time of the day or night.
  5. Don't get trapped on a highway-rail grade crossing. Never drive onto a highway-rail grade crossing until you are sure you can clear the tracks. Once you have started across the tracks, keep going.
  6. Get out of your vehicle if it stalls. If your vehicle stalls on a crossing, get everyone out and off the tracks immediately. If a train is coming, quickly move away from the tracks but in the direction from which the train is approaching.
  7.  Remember: Any time is train time, and when it's a tie at the crossing, you lose.

Community Notifications


If you would like to receive community notifications such as snow parking bans, road closure for parade routes, and emergency community information please be sure to click the sign up button below and complete the registration for this completely free notification program.  If you already receive call from us you do not need to register again as we already have your information. 
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The Bartonville Police Department strives to provide the best possible police service to the citizens of Bartonville. Our Mission Statement and Core Values serve as guides for the work we do everyday to protect those who live and work in the Village of Bartonville.

Excellence through Dedication and Teamwork, Service, Integrity, Leadership, and Fair Treatment To All.                                                                                                                    

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